I want a property manager that knows the market

Obtaining Maximum Market Rent

We realise that for every week your property is vacant, it costs
you approximately 2% of your annual rental income.
With that in mind we are serious about getting you a tenant: Quickly!
Be assured that our rental appraisal of your property will not involve giving you an inflated rental value just to get the business!
We will appraise the property to give you the best return allowing the property to rent as quickly as possible.

Maximum Exposure of Your Property

Subject to terms in your signed Management Agreement outlining your instructions, we will:

  • Enter the property details and photos onto the internet
  • Advertise in The Advertiser newspaper
  • Advertise in the local papers
  • Email your property details to our prospective tenant database
  • Contact Relocation Agencies about your property
  • Use ‘For Rent’ signs to increase the exposure of your property,

These levels of exposure not only seek out the local tenant market, but also reach the interstate and international tenant market who are looking to relocate to Adelaide.

Best of all, we will report to you regularly on our progress throughout the marketing campaign of your property.

I want the best tenant possible

How Do We Get The Right Tenant?

Getting the right tenant is our most important duty to perform. Although we cannot guarantee any tenant, we carefully put procedures in place to give the best chance of securing the highest quality tenant available. With this in mind we:

  • Carefully screen their previous rental track history
  • Confirm their work stability and employment
  • Can cross check their details on a national default tenancy database

You Decide On Tenant Selection

We will screen all applications and provide you with a short list for your selection. Once selection has been finalised, we will:

  • execute the lease agreement with the tenant as soon as practicable and secure a bond
  • Spend extensive time with the tenant when signing the lease, explaining all tenancy expectations, lease documentation and also serve them with the ingoing inspection report
  • Provide them with the Premier Property Management Tenant Handbook

I want a property manager that cares about my property

Protecting the Condition of Your Property

At Premier Property Management, we pride ourselves in maintaining a diligent management of the condition of your property. This results in keeping your property in the best condition possible.

Before the tenant takes occupancy, we thoroughly inspect the property and complete:

  • A written Inspection Report – we prepare a detailed and precise multi-page written report
  • Digital Photos – we take a comprehensive variety of digital photos inside and outside the property

During the tenancy we:

  • Conduct periodic inspections of your property, and supply you with a written report
  • If there are concerns, the written report is forwarded to the tenant
  • Once the tenant is advised, the property is inspected again to ensure all items of concern are properly rectified

Once the tenant vacates we will:

  • Thoroughly check the property, comparing it against the ingoing inspection and photos

Organising the Maintenance of Your Property

Under our best practice policy, we at Premier Property Management understand that it is vitally important that your investment is well maintained.

If we are authorised to manage maintenance works for you, we

  • Employ licensed and reputable trades people
  • Attend to all payments of maintenance on your behalf

I want my rent paid to me on time

Protecting Your Rental Income

At Premier Property Management, we place extreme importance on rental income and insist your rent is paid on time. Should rent be late, we will:

  • Call or visit a late paying tenant
  • Ensure relevant forms are served on time, so that the legal process is not compromised

Further, we review rent returns at lease renewal time to ensure you receive the best return. We closely monitor lease renewals and term of tenancy to ensure we do not have unexpected vacancies.

Payment of Your Rental Income

At the end of the month we:

  • Distribute all monies received up to that point, to your nominated bank account by electronic funds transfer
  • Supply you with you a monthly statement accounting for all monies disbursed on your behalf

At the end of the financial year, a statement accounting for the previous 12 months is also provided to you, allowing easy reference for your accountant.